Haunted Night

It’s dark in and out,

Candle doesn’t produce enough light,

I am sweating, bed is shaking,

A dead body beside me lies,

Through the window someone is peeping inside,


I get under the shawl,

As the dogs howl,

I close my ears,

Don’t want to hear the ugly owl,


Terror heaps in me,

As someone calls my name,

A hand is coming out from the picture frame,


Save me God, save me this time,

Get me remain alive through this horrible night,

I can’t stand at these demons,

I can’t even fight,


The hand gets disappeared,

But the calling my name, I still hear,

Drops of blood dripping on the bed,

I feel something flying over my head,

Wearing white clothes riding on a broom,

Flying all across the bedroom,


I lie there pretend to be dead,

Oh God, this thing doesn’t even have a head,


I am sure I won’t see tomorrow’s sun,

Should I just lie here or I run?

Horrified I am as anyone could be,

Its stretching hands reaching me,


Save me God, save me this time,

Get me remain alive through this horrible night,

I can’t stand at these demons,

I can’t even fight,


Kids like ghosts appear running on the wall,

There are more coming through the hall,

Blood is flowing all over the floor,

I wonder how many are there more,


My body shivers;

I can’t see them in the mirror,

Can’t find a place where I can hide,

It is surely going to be my last night,


It’s 01:00 in the clock when I open my eyes,

It was a bad dream I realize,

I am sweating and then bed starts shaking,

A dead body beside me lies,

And I see, through the window someone is peeping inside…


18 thoughts on “Haunted Night

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  1. yikes! can’t hit like..I hate scary stuff:) I’m far too imaginative to stomach it…so…this was well written, cause it freaked me out.

    1. Oh no…humans cannot rescue from this…that is why it is so scary…I take matters of the supernatural so very seriously..:) They are too real to me.But thanks for the offer:)

    2. Oh I didn’t say to not write it…I just never play with this stuff. I fear it far too much. You don’t need to apologize 🙂 My respect for you would never allow me to say..’don’t write this’ :)Carry on friend, I am totally fine.:)

    3. even I’m scared of these stuffs sometimes,. maybe that’t the reason I wrote it during the day time 😛 .. Lets see if I can sleep properly or not 😐
      I know you won’t say that ever 🙂

  2. OMG I love this! I used to have waking nightmares where I would wake up but as I went about getting ready something would be really off/odd. Then I would really wake up but not really….. On and on until I screamed myself awake….I learned to go to bed earlier!

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