Grab my finger,

Walk with me for a distance,

You’ll run behind to be found,

Hear my words,

Talk to me for a moment,

You’ll plead for my sound,

Look at me,

Deep into my eyes,

You won’t dream anything else ever,

The ghost of love will fly on your head,

It’ll keep haunting,

You’ll never desire anything else then.

You’ll start loving to die,

I am a magician,

I’ll get inside your heart, build my home,

Under your eyelashes,

It’ll disappear,

Even before you realize,

You’ll shiver in summer,

Winters will make you warm,

Flowers, Chocolates, Candies,

Won’t be of any charm,

You’ll drench in clear sky,

Alone in the crowd,

Everything will be lost,

Yet you’ll feel so proud,

Nothing will go with seasons,

You’ll blush without any reason,

Ears will hear the music,

Snow will fall from the skies,

Dry leaves will float around,

“Touch me”

“Feel me”

“I am all yours”

Will echo inside your mind all around!

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