Between the Lines

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Back and Forth I go,

Read the words you had written,

Desperately try to find something hidden,

As if rereading… will exhibit a new meaning,

Eyes are tired for a sleep,

Tired of screening,


Yet I try…One more time,

But I don’t find,

Anything… which I had not seen before,

Then I try once more,


Struggling to know how you felt when you wrote me Goodbye,

Did you feel nothing?

Or there were tears in your eyes?

Did you hesitate or wrote instantly?

Did you also cry?


Repeating to see between the letters to know your emotions,

When floating tears chock me in suffocation,

I wish if I could have you near,

If I could hold you one more time dear,


And I try…One more time,

But I don’t find,

Anything… which I had not seen before,

Yet I try once more…



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  1. Very well written.

  2. That feeling..ick…well written…it rose in me that hopeful panic of the break up…hoping it not true, panic to know if it hurt the other as bad as it hurts you. xo

  3. gr8 one once again…like you have always been !

  4. The lancinating pain in our heart when we realise the person we love most had never felt the depth of feelings…beautifully written.

  5. I must say that I have never gone back and read ‘his’ emails. I have kept them. Kept the all, but I never re-read any especially the last ones. I do know this feeling though……. A lovely bittersweet poem.

  6. That brought tears to my eyes. How many times in the past i read and re-read words and letters and poems, trying to find myself between the lines. Trying to find something that i have missed before that would prove me i am still remembered…

  7. Deeply touching. I can relate to this poem too well. Thank you for sharing this beautiful and honest piece. Loved the flow, btw.

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