When It Rains

Photo Credit: http://dark.pozadia.org

Lights flashing from the clouds so dark make you feel so amazed,

You feel blessed when it showers on you with all its gentleness,

It renews your soul,

Lets you feel so fresh,

You feel content,

As your pains melt by its cool breeze,

It feels as if an imprisoned bird has been freed,

Legs move in joy on its sound so musical,

It makes you happy,

You don’t wanna miss the chance,

To sing,

to smile,

to dance,


Every drop of it gives you a new life,

With it you become a child,

Yet you grow to let the grudges go,

It washes away your pains,

Every time when it rains,


When dark clouds cover the sky and it rains,

When it showers so calmly to make you sing,

I love it not because it’s beautiful

or so fresh,

Not because its freshness heals all the pain,

But because…

Not only, it rinses my body…

It makes my heart wet…

It turns me sad,

And my soul so dry,

It lets me cry,

Without having the fear…

…to show my tears…

It lets me relive the forgotten pains…

Every time when it rains…

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  2. soumyav says:

    Amazing magic of rains and the rinsing of soul!

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