When I was a kid, one day in my school, one of our teachers came into the classroom with a problem. He drew a line on blackboard and asked us to make that line small without erasing. After an half hour when we couldn’t find a solution, he simply drew a bigger line adjacent to it. Obviously, it was the only solution. Though it seemed more of a game to us and we couldn’t properly understood its meaning at that young age but now I can relate it with number of instances. This is a great example of people’s perception. One big thing, all of a sudden, can appear so small when is compared with another or vice versa. One line which was big, a moment ago, is now small because it is being compared with a bigger line.

The tendency of comparing things is an integral part of our lives, we always tend to compare people, things or situations and develop the perception of it being big or small, rich or poor, beautiful or ugly, smart or dumb but we forget that the line still has the same length.

I worked for a company for 5 years but I was not satisfy, other jobs were always appealing to me and now since I left it and looking for work, the same job looks promising to me. Why? Because I am comparing the situations, I am still same intelligent but now other people (those who are working) seem smarter. Today, a friend of mine called and while talking he said that even if I don’t have a job I am still in a better situation from him for not being in that organization anymore. He thinks that his complications are bigger than of mine while I think other way.

Jokingly we say “Other’s cars and wives/girlfriends always seem better” but seriously, is this really a joke? We have always been compared for our marks or grades in school/college, looks, status, possessions, nationality, religion and race but do we think if this comparison does any good for us. It may only seem to do so if we feel big enough but what about others, those who are small and what when someone bigger appears, shall we still feel the same way then?

Isn’t this tendency dividing us, isn’t it a main reason of our unhappiness. Why do we always compare things and assume them to be big or small when they actually remain the way they were always? If only we stop comparing, if only we understand that everything, every person, every situation has its own importance, its own value, its own beauty, the world will automatically be a better place for everyone.

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  1. Very true…I teach my kids to never be competitive/comparing. It is the things all wickedness feeds on. They need to feel satisfied with what they have, aspire to be truly good. Money, fame, status, even education…does not mean you’ll be happy. Many people who have ‘everything’ are very unhappy.

  2. You’re right. Comparison has been a part of our lives, right from our childhood. In my case, as I grew up, I began believing in myself and knew what I could (and couldn’t) do. So, now, I normally don’t get bothered by comparisons. See, for you, if you weren’t satisfied with the job, I’m sure your decision was right. You are bound to come across something better! Or have you, already?

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