The Observer

Grabbing window fences sitting still on its edge
Trying to find something new today
Witnessing every single thing happening on the busy street
He is an observer on his routine.

He sees a child, holding mother’s hands
Dragging her towards the balloonman
His eyes sparkle with joy
Seeing the little boy –
happily playing with tangled balloons,
His head moves towards the other side
Following the crashing sound
There is an old man fallen on the ground
Tears squirm in his eyes as the old man cries
and his things scattered all around,
He feels his face burning
As the tears roll down on his rotten cheeks
and he sweeps them away
Hoping, he’ll get out of it soon,
A young couple passes by
holding hands in hands
He dives inside his memories
Soon he goes blank
While smiling, seeing something inside
He feels a twinge on his stretching lips
He shakes his head only to realize
that the streak of blood is coming out from its rips.

Since so long he has been underground
Observing everyone going around
He feels every emotion
Hopes, he’ll too soon have a reason
to go out from his cocoon,
Someone will also be an observer
Will witness him and his every motion
Something real will happen to him
He’ll really live those emotions
One day he’ll be on the other side of the fences
One day he’ll be out of his cocoon.

He is an observer on his routine
Observing everything from behind the fences
doesn’t have a reason
to go out from his cocoon.

Broken window birdies wait by xflorian @
Broken window birdies wait by xflorian @

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