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Infatuation, you may call it,

It’s a dream I am dreaming,

I may not get you,

It’s a chase I am chasing,


Chase is to find love in your eyes, to get you by any means,

To hold you so very tight, to find you in my dreams,


I seek you when you’re gone; when you’re around I lose me,

I am infatuated, when you tease me,

Addicted, when you please me,


Desperation, is what they call it,

It’s an appeal I am making,

I may not get you,

It’s a race I am running,


Race is to hold you perfectly, to kiss you desperately,

To keep you around, to love you extremely,


I see you when you’re far, when you’re alone I observe you,

I am desperate, when I touch you,

Isolated, when I feel you,


I love the way you roll your lips,

I look for chances to touch you,

Infatuation or Desperation,

I’m not sure why I’m addicted to you…



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  1. Sigh…so precious…Love it…what girls heart would not fall for that.

  2. Yikes…the somebody you ‘used’ to know..not sure how old you are dear, but, love is a very tricky thing…it doesn’t always work out, but love, is an unending emotion if it’s true…those ‘somebodies’…even if they have moved on, they will always hold a special place for you, at least, for this giant heart, that has been true. Love is as unending as death.

    • That’s true, Special memories and people never leave this heart .. once they come.. they become permanent part even if they chose to leave.. It’s always good to have memories if not people around. :0

    • Ah dear…I hope you have some people around…even if it’s not someone special enough to stay yet…but others.xo

  3. Ah my favorite so far….:D
    Much much love…
    I really enjoy this poem…:D

  4. this is so beautiful. it makes me miss this person who is killing me inside.

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