Stupid People

Infinite Stupidity |
Infinite Stupidity |

Today, I am trying something different that I have not written about before, other than my boring repetitive poetry, way too lengthy so-called songs or another chapter of my in-process book (Which even I’m not sure to complete). Please bear if you can’t digest it, feel free to walk out anytime. But please do not hit like button before reading it thoroughly or even when you don’t like it. Yes, there have been few instances when I got likes on my posts (especially lengthy ones) right after a second I hit publish, I wonder how anyone can read more-than-10-minutes lengthy post in 5 seconds. Those must be the God gifted souls. Please take it the Taunting way; I intend it, seriously I do!!

Anyways, just to start with, I want to share a hilarious case I experienced a couple of days back. A guy f**ked up the language. Yes, he did it, literally!! Here is a guy I know, he is a friend on facebook, we worked together in same office, writes a status on facebook on his Dad’s birthday though his intentions were damn pure and loving but since he is short handed in English language his status ended up being hilarious. The status was “Happy birthday to my favorite daddy” read it again… lol.. I thought of asking the meaning of favorite daddy but I let it go and imagine he didn’t even corrected or deleted it when people pinpointed. Poor guy!!

Now it reminded me another instance we had in office. One given day there was a cricket match between India and South Africa, probably Indian team was on tour to South Africa. India won; none of us were watching it and even were not aware of the scores. We reached at the smoker’s zone for smoke, a bunch of colleagues. A guy (I won’t disclose his name) says “Today India f**ked up South Africa”, any guesses what my response would have been? It was – “Really??? I thought they were playing cricket”. The response was so instant that every one of us burst into laughter except him. He was so ashamed to say that that his face turned pale. I apologized in between the laughter so that he doesn’t take it to his heart. That was damn so hilarious, I am sure he would never disclosed a result of any match that way then after.

I always wonder why few people are so stupid. In my previous office, we had so many of those. Not any ordinary teammate but our seniors. Whenever there used to be a meeting and a topic of discussion which should not take more than 10 minutes, it never ended before 1 hour. They always used to roam around with silly, stupid suggestions and ending the meeting with no conclusions at all. I am always clueless when I think how they reached there, to these positions. Well that’s totally a separate topic of discussion. So they were like if you come up with some intellectual suggestions (not necessarily in the meetings only) they won’t accept it, not even listen to it, and if your suggestion is damn damn stupid, worthless, senseless, then you’re the champ. Just for an example, if problem had been “How to get the clock back to order?” the best answer would probably be “Kill the Dog!!!” or “Pee on it!” something like that but never “Battery needs to be changed”. My goodness, how anyone can be that stupid yet so mighty? They should have probably added a permanent tagline under their meeting agenda “No intellectual suggestions will be entertained” or “Only stupid are allowed to join” or rather they would have only sent the invitations to their like minded.

But seriously what I think is we really need these stupid people around us because they make us feel smart and without them the life would be so boring. Isn’t it? 😉


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  1. Incidentally, I just put up a post yesterday about how confusing the simple word “reasonable/sensible” is, in real life. Sometimes, you think you are the smart one, goodluck to you!

    1. Yeah, everybody used to have their own perception of being smart which not necessarily be the same for others. Thank you for your comment! I’ll check your post too.

  2. I’ve found that a little knowledge mixed with the bravado to back it up with undeserved confidence, or , bullshit, seems to get you into management rather well. So, just act like you’re absolutely convinced about your B.S. and you will prosper. What happens to those of us that don’t feel comfortable baffling others with half truths and ignorant statements? I guess we just eventually rebel and send the culprits to the guillotine.

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