Before it kills you!


Recall the words of depression,

Fear is fear itself –

Nameless, unreasoning terror,

It bounds hands and feet,

Drags into the dark depth,

Gags, blindfolds, ties and,

Suspends from a height,

Hanging over the brink,

Of a giddy precipice,

The moment you let go,

You’ll be dashed to pieces,

On the rocks below,

Cling the rope which swings,

This way and that,

Don’t let go of life,

But only fear,

Cowards die many deaths,

The brave only once,

Effort to do away with,

Fear and worry…


Blacked out and modified version of an article “Kill fear before fear kills you” published in Times of India (Dated: 19th June 2012) written by Dada JP Vaswani.

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