Fair Enough? – Just another dream

I am sitting on a small round table (just like as we had in office pantry) with her boyfriend and a common friend. We are talking about her. Her boyfriend is arguing with me and trying to prove that I am wrong to love her. I should not do it since she is already in a relationship with him and it’s a crime. We are only talking and are very emotional, both of us. I say, “Why can’t I love her when you can? How loving someone can be wrong? I only love and I don’t even try to snatch her from you. Yes, it is true that I want her to be with me but not without her own consent.” He keeps repeating that this is wrong while his eyes get filled with tears. As when he gets away, the common friend also tries to convenience me that I should not do it. “Why you guys don’t understand, it is not possible for me to stop loving her and I guess this is same all across. Why don’t we just stop arguing and let the best one win?” I say. I know that there is not even a cent of chance for me to win but I said it maybe because when I lose I can tell myself that I was eligible enough to participate.


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