Someone Special

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As the evening comes over,

He runs towards the roof,

To meet a distant friend,

They can’t talk, can’t meet,

But this bond of years,

Never going to end,

He lies on the roof,

To see her for hours,

Every time his eyes shuffle,

To search her from every end,

An endless bond is this,

Even the distance of light years,

Can’t separate them,

But today seems different,

He is trying hard to find this friend,

Eyes are searching her for hours,

Going from one to every end,

He is searching with his mouth open,

Salty water being filled into the eyes,

His hands sweeping the tears,

When he unconsciously cries,

It’s been hours yet he could not find her,

Has she fallen? is his ultimate fear,

Yet he tries going round and round,

He doesn’t want to lose her in any ways,

He is not going to stop even if it takes many days,

He is crying and trying to see a glimpse,

Sweeping tears away as they make his sight dim,

Then finally he finds her,

As she flickers her light,

Now he realizes how badly he loves her,

How badly he wants her to be around.



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  1. I am deeply in love with this!

  2. loved the star thru ur words.

  3. Loved it! What I loved best is the way you portrayed love in such a different manner…unlike the usual girl-boy thing, there’s a lot of difference in this poem. But at the end, it is about love, all the same! But in a more beautiful way! 🙂

  4. Oh sakes…heart melter this one! Lovely!

  5. the lil craziness of small things !

  6. This is pretty sweet 🙂

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