Photo Credit: http://www.pxleyes.com


You’re getting into me,

From all over my head,

I never knew,

It’ll be this bad,

What course of actions,

I should take,

To get you on,

To get me in,


You were so quick,

I couldn’t stare,

I couldn’t blink,

You got me tricked,

You got me trapped,

And I thought,

We just met,

You’ll be punished,

You made a crime,

You’ve captured my dreams,

You’ve looted my heart,


But before doing anything,

I am thinking of doing something,

To get you On,

To get me In,


I am tired of this hide and seek,

I want you whole,

Not just a peek,

If you wanna hide,

Let’s hide together,

Forever, Forever,


Still, you won’t be forgiven,

You’ll be punished,

You’ll be defeated,

I will win,


You’ll be in prison,

Of my arms,

You’ll be poisoned,

By my feelings,

You’ll be tasted,

You’ll be On,

You’ll be lost,

I’ll be In.


One Comment Add yours

  1. soumyav says:

    passionate feelings! 😉

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