Friends Forever

Those may not be the greatest times,

We had together,

May the months have passed,

We didn’t talk to each other,


Nothing can change one thing,

We are friends forever,


We never had a thing in common,

May few silly things happened,

One thing is always maintained,

We always stood together,


How did we collide?

Did we have a fight?

Do we care to remember?

One thing will always sustain,

We are friends forever,


Right from the early morning shots,

Till the late night drops,

Running after alcohol,

Ignoring the chasing cops,


Yeah, we had the bike race,

Dogs appearing midways,

Falling on streets number of times,

Adding everything in cocktails,


Slamming out the closed shutters,

To get the last bunch of beers,

Forgetting birthdays every year,

We never had a thing to care,


Carelessly passing those verdicts,

How easy it was to predict,

Imposing choices on each other,

Saying “Man, you really love her!!!”


Never missing a leg pull,

Giving out thousand names,

We always stood together,

Only thing we have in common,

We are friends forever,


Showing off the watches,

And the expensive glasses,

Missing out the camera,

And the precious pictures,


Crying out for something personal,

Vomiting’d been punctual,

 Never had a thing to hide,

Nothing was to be ashamed off,

Helping out the female friends,

Ignoring the ‘bunch of idiots’,


From the front of beer bars,

Till behind the bars,

We always stood together,

We are friends forever.


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