The Battle

Blankly gazing at the roof,

Lying still on the bed,

Hours have been past,

He is still not dead,

Yet appears to be,


The fight is on,

For the rights and the wrongs,

He is the only one in the battle,

Battling against himself,


Ripped up into two pieces,

Examining the pros and the cons,

Heading beyond the boiling peak,

Yet seems dead cold,


Not to win,

Not to lose,

It is confused,

Yet, killing is continued,


Dwelling into two bodies, four minds,

Ripping off pieces by pieces,


Swapping sides,

Taking bites,

No blood,

No Noise,

Raining tears all around,


No one is to agree,

No one is to back out,

Battle is on,

Until one immortal is not dead,

Though knowing both will die together,


But not giving up,

Gazing at the roof,

Two bodies, four minds,

He is not dead,

Yet appears to be.




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  1. the battle within…the struggle with the own self….the fight of the inner core….masttt !!! 😉

  2. inner conflicts are the most difficult ones to win!

  3. Awesome way of portraying the conflicts we go through deep within! 🙂

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