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Surprisingly we met,
Suddenly I fell,
Haphazardly we indulged,
Endlessly we talked,
Deeply I felt,
Open heartedly you responded,
Unconventionally I approached,
Calmly you reacted,
Inadvertently I explained,
Thoroughly you understood,
Amazingly we continued,
Candidly you appraised,
Passionately I touched,
Patiently you handled,
Exceptionally I loved,
Heavenly it seemed,
Magically it proceeded,
Knowingly we separated,
Willingly you ignored,
Angrily I denied,
Devotedly I plead,
Sadly it changed,
Forcefully you lied,
Occasionally we fought,
Hypothetically it ended,
Madly I cried,
Unfortunately you didn’t bother,
Rationally I recovered,
Finally I learned,
Ultimately we lost.


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  1. Very nice. I was hoping the ending would not be what I suspected. Oh well.

  2. Aw. Such a heartbreaking write. But such ringing truth. Lovely work Neeraj.

  3. dono bhai are writing about heartbreaks !! 😉
    awesome !!!!

  4. gradual moving from falling in love to separation…all these words seem reflection of heart …so I find no words to appreciate the sadness..

  5. beautiful

  6. Distinctly you portrayed your feelings,
    ‘Amazed-ly’ (is there even a word like that?) I read them, and
    Profoundly I loved them! 🙂

    Loved the style in which you worded your poem. My fav lines would be: Finally I learned, Ultimately we lost.

  7. Heartbreaking, I admit! But I loved the poetic piece 🙂

  8. So beautiful and makes me wanna fall in love

  9. I know it’s been re-blogged already, but may I also? It’s an incredible piece of work.

  10. Reblogged this on Busy Mind Thinking and commented:
    You have to read this incredible piece; well, you don’t have to (grin) but you want really want to! Smiles

  11. Always with no happy ending..

  12. I feel this really deeply, but then aren’t we all the same person?
    Interesting piece.

  13. Adverbs are so fantastic in this!! For anyone to under-appreciate the ‘adverb’ .. they need to read this!!

    This is most excellent, emotion rolling over and over, all the way through!

    XOXO – you know I adore you!!

  14. Reblogged this on ღ Think. Speak. Tryst. ღ and commented:
    This is a much share due to the excellent use of ‘Adverbs’ !
    Of course, I expect no less from this particular writer, who has a very special place in my life. We have written together before, we have written together recently, but this is only his brilliance … only his genius … and it is, just that. When a person can use only three word sentences, and make such an impactual, emotional point, or can make such grand statements of one’s inner most processes, it is no other than a display of a delicate relationship with words and language, showcasing his profound ability to make us feel what he feels.
    This is Neeraj. He writes on Pieces. And he is fabulous. I don’t hope, I know that you will enjoy this. It rolls emotion and his word choice is, well, choice!!
    XOXO ~ Jen on Tryst

  15. awesome!!! LOVE how you designed it!!! so…forceful and blatant!!! no tippy tappy around the emotions…just ‘in your face’ honesty!!! gonna have to reblog it Neeraj…. 🙂

  16. Reblogged this on Shards Of DuBois and commented:
    WOW!!! REALLY love this!!!!

  17. Wow, just wow. Oh, and YOU are an incredibly talented poet, Neeraj.

  18. Jen, this is sooooooooo beautiful, your writing is timeless and oh so deep! 🙂 xo ps. come visit my site! I am no longer here on WP but I still follow all my favs! 🙂

  19. Wow! Love the candid expressions and the way the poem is structured. But I wish the end wasn’t so heartbreaking! Hats off for this splendid poem Neeraj!

  20. Very nice, very sad, but seems to be, the way love goes.

  21. Technically impressive and emotionally honest- a notable artistic achievement. Congratulations!

  22. Reblogged this on LIKHते LIKHते and commented:
    Incidentally found, Amazingly written !

  23. The images that appear with your words always provide a captivating blending that produces a lovely gem….you have blossomed in your writings in a very awesome way. Bless you always my brother!

  24. Very beautifully written, but such a sad ending 😦

  25. This is one of your best, I think I will keep coming back to this from time to time. This gives me a good feel 🙂


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