I go Mad!

I dream of kissing you every night,

Starting with lovely encounter,

Following the naughty fight,

I hold you by your waist,

Clutching from behind very tight,

You struggle half heartedly,

Surrender even before the fight,

Heartbeat goes beyond every limit,

Your smell is enough to ignite,

Every bit of my sensation,

By giving me all the right,

To do what I want, every night,


My face disappears,

Under the cloud of your hair,

To let the nose experience,

The fresh alien air,

Soon I feel breathless,

As I forget to breathe out,

Yet everything looks too fair,

And I struggle to get out,

After getting nose-full of your freshness,

I don’t seem to pour any kindness,

I start kissing you maniacally,

You too seem to grab me passionately,

Then I roll you at 180 degree,

Without setting you free,

And you also don’t want to be,

I start with your long neck,

Going all around,

There comes no place to rest,

Smell of your sweat makes me wet,

Cheeks, nose, eyes, the forehead,

I go mad,

From the fingers till the toes,

Nothing goes missed,

I only leave your lips,

My favorite part unkissed,


Then I go up to the destination,

On the top of every sensation,

I enjoy every drop of your mouth,

Sometimes north,

Sometimes south,

I erase every chance of being shy,

I kiss you as I am going to die,

Outside in,

Inside out,

There remains no doubt,

That I won’t leave you,

Sometimes liking the upper lip,

Sometimes taking the lower one inside my mouth,

It goes filled with rosy water,

Liking the best dessert without any doubt,

Then I play with your tongue,

Aiming to make it mine,

Enjoy the juicy flavor of it,

Soon I run out of time,

Right when I want to start all over again,

The dream gets disappeared and so do you,

I can’t explain how eagerly I wait,

Wait for every night to taste you.


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