Drama Queen Vol-2

Photo Credit: http://www.zastavki.com

She is rolling her eyes,

Trying to show the fat tears,

She needs designer boots,

That too an expensive pair,

Sometimes she fights shouting,

Applying punches in my belly,

Sometimes cuddles on couch crying quietly,

I know she is just pretending,

Trying to make me fool,

She has got so many tricks,

To convince this Old School,

Whenever she does it all,

She becomes a diva mean,

But nothing’s to worry,

‘Coz I know she is a drama queen,

She has been trying from last three days,

Every time she comes with a new way,

Sometimes pouring love by hugging from behind,

Sometimes being so unkind,

I wonder how smart this little girl could be,

She has only turned eight lately,

From where on earth she learned all this stuff,

Making fool of his dad so smartly,

I love her more when she makes me fool,

I am her dad; I am not the old school,

I love teasing her this way,

To make her feel that she wins someway,

She is my cutie pie,

She is a girl you would have not seen,

She is a drama queen

My sweet sweet drama queen.

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