Damager and the Saviors

Here he comes to ruin everything under his nose,

He claims himself a controller and makes himself suppose,

That everything going well is because of him,

But sadly his efforts make things gross,


Manager is what he is called,

Opposite is his role,

Every damage is his act,

Corrupt is his soul,


Insincerity, indiscipline are his characteristics,

He is solely responsible for every Toll,


If there were not the Saviors,

Ship would have been drowned,

They rescue from every situation,

Even without the sword,


No matter how hard they fight,

Glory is never theirs,

It is his, who ruins, damages,

Makes things really hard,


They imagine life without him,

And wish that one day,

When he is no more a controller;

Or just goes away,


Their efforts won’t be wasted,

Glory will be theirs,

Everyone will be happy,

The grass won’t remain grey.



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  1. Such a hopeful poem Neeraj…the light always “edits out” the darkness always…

  2. Loved it! many persons around us create such situation,where they dominate like anything and damage everything..everyone then prays for their departure,be it in relations,or in career…

  3. Some people are like the cloud that blocks the sun, its better when they are gone from us 🙂

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