When you go…

Photo Credit: pixelnase.deviantart.com


Why do I cry?

Seeing you go,

This is what you say,

Do you know?

It can be easy for you,

Leaving me behind,

But I can’t take it,

No, no,


You won’t understand the feeling,

Feeling of losing something,

Which was never yours.


Probably you are right,

That why I cried,

And why should I do,

I can still love you,

When you are away,

Like I always do,


Reason could have been right,

If we had a fight,

Or if you had loved me,

And then you go,


I know you don’t do,

‘Coz you can’t,

And you won’t,

Never ever,


I know, that you know,

That I do,

And I’ll do,

Always forever,


Please don’t think,

That my tears are to stop you,

This is not what I mean,

It is just that I can’t stop,

These to flow out for you,


I want you to be happy,

Wherever you go,

Even if you can’t remember,

I’ll always do,

That I had someone,

Who was someone I don’t know,

But always ready to listen,

Always knew,

That there is someone,

Who loves so much,

Like I don’t do,

And I can’t do,

No, no…



14 thoughts on “When you go…

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  1. Fantastic Neeraj! You are a wonderful poet. Your work stirs emotions and you can feel all the emotions evoked by each poem. Simply outstanding!! Keep them coming.

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