When you go…

Photo Credit: pixelnase.deviantart.com


Why do I cry?

Seeing you go,

This is what you say,

Do you know?

It can be easy for you,

Leaving me behind,

But I can’t take it,

No, no,


You won’t understand the feeling,

Feeling of losing something,

Which was never yours.


Probably you are right,

That why I cried,

And why should I do,

I can still love you,

When you are away,

Like I always do,


Reason could have been right,

If we had a fight,

Or if you had loved me,

And then you go,


I know you don’t do,

‘Coz you can’t,

And you won’t,

Never ever,


I know, that you know,

That I do,

And I’ll do,

Always forever,


Please don’t think,

That my tears are to stop you,

This is not what I mean,

It is just that I can’t stop,

These to flow out for you,


I want you to be happy,

Wherever you go,

Even if you can’t remember,

I’ll always do,

That I had someone,

Who was someone I don’t know,

But always ready to listen,

Always knew,

That there is someone,

Who loves so much,

Like I don’t do,

And I can’t do,

No, no…




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  1. strength in being helpless in love ! Gr8 one bhai !!!

  2. Nice ! agree with Prashant!

  3. onelifethislife May 26, 2012 — 12:02 pm

    Fantastic Neeraj! You are a wonderful poet. Your work stirs emotions and you can feel all the emotions evoked by each poem. Simply outstanding!! Keep them coming.

  4. Lovely piece of heartfelt writing.

  5. Wish the heart had its own mind, then no one will say it isn’t smart 🙂 Nice read!

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