Gravatar – The shortest link

Dear Bloggers,

I am so glad that you stumble time to time on my blog, go through my work and leave your footmarks in form of likes and comments. I often try to follow you back but get so disappointed when I don’t see a way to reach your shop blog. I request all of the fellow bloggers to associate their blog addresses with their Gravatars so that people like me can enter into your beautiful worlds. We all are from different time zones and knowing the fact that there are so many posts to read and see, we often miss you. Gravatar is the shortest link bridging the gap between us. Hope you’ll allow us to peep into your worlds and be amazed with your creations.

This is how you can do it –


Step into My Account option of your Gravatar screen and click on Edit my profile


Click on My Links and enter the blog/website URL into first text box and its title into the second one and then click on Add button –


Once clicked on Add, a small screen of your blog will appear on My links page. You can add multiple URLs following the step 2.

Similarly you can also add photograph, contact details etc following the options available on the left side.


Ta da! Your blog has been added! 🙂


Cheers and Happy Blogging!!


Lots of Love,




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  1. getting WP savvy! 🙂

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