Where are we heading?

I often get stuck with this question when I think as to why people give more importance to desperate wannabes, who announces to go nude if cricket team wins the world cup. People seem to join the anti-corruption movement just because it’ll be their family outing. When a superstar takes the lead to ask the questions, never-asked-before through his TV show, people start questioning his personal life; some pathetic unknown struggling TV artist insults the Cricket Legend. When politicians are more concerned to ban the cartoon sketches or a popular song instead of banning the tobacco or investigating the scams, they would get the media sit at a distance so that they can not capture some politicians watching porn rather than taking actions on such cheapness. A movie does not get a prime time telecast because it is too bold for kids but a porn star can work in a movie. News channels asking whether or not the world’s one of the biggest tournaments be shut down as few people questioning its credibility why they don’t ever question the TV shows making fool of public so openly? 

Media and Controversies:

  • No one was even aware who Poonam Pandey was before she announced to go nude on country’s cricket team’s world cup win. Thanks to media for capturing her and giving the required publicity on a result of which she almost has a bunch of Bollywood movies in her kitty and kids are watching her cheap bathing videos on YouTube. Controversies have become a prominent weapon now days to become popular but does anyone think about its consequences. The more coverage media give to such people the more such people will pop up. And it all ultimately will cause loss to the society. Why cant media just ignore such desperate people and concentrate on real issues? 
  • Another name in the list, Sunny Leone, first she appears in a reality TV show and then signs couple of bollywood movies. I personally was not aware who Sunny Leone was but now. Aren’t we corrupting our society? On one side, our censor board is concerned enough to delete objectionable contents before being available to public, they even stop the movie being telecasted on public channel just because it was too bold for kids but how can they let a porn star become so popular so that people who were not even aware of her name are now watching her porn movies. Are we setting up a trend? There are so many struggling actors who would rather not do the theaters but the adult movies because there will come a sudden popularity. Why our honorable directors / producers can not see anyone else fit for the role but a porn star? 
  • There was another hopeless fellow who said that Sachin Tendulkar is so greedy that he would jump in the water well even for 100 rupees when entire country was celebrating his 100th hundred. How can media be so generous in capturing such nonsense? Can’t they understand that such people create controversies only to get the lime light? Why can’t they just ignore these pathetic wannabes?

I believe the role of media is very crucial as they directly interact with common people. If only they stop running behind the TRP race they would emerge to be the real social worker.

Public Perspective:

  • What is the reason Anna Hazare’s anti corruption movement is not being successful? Having the facts that the government is not supportive, the law making system is slow, there are so many amendments to be taken on the bill and the lack of equal understanding, there is another reason too and that is the common people being irresponsible. There are so many people who joined the movement just because it was a family outing for them. People do not take things really seriously. No one wants to get their own hands dirty. They always expect someone else to participate. Are such people really at fault, I would say no, because this is how they have grown till now, it is in their blood. Unless people really really don’t want the change and stand against the corruption firmly, nothing will happen. People themselves are corrupt, them pay money to the policeman when caught without helmet, they purchase tickets in black, they cheat with their friends, they lie very often, they break hearts, they showoff, every act is a sign of being corrupt. How anyone corrupt inside can stand against the corruption? 
  • Amir Khan (the biggest star in the country) has come up with his TV show “Satyamev Jayte” where he showcases the social issues such as dowry, girl child abortion and domestic violence etc. He even goes further unlike any other shows and talks to the officials towards resolution and wakes common people on such issues so that these things can quickly become the part of history. He undoubtedly getting so much appreciation for his work but some stupid people have started questioning his personal life and some even say that he is not working for society rather is concerned on making money out of this show. Aren’t these people trying to confuse us and diverting from the motto of such holy cause? Why can’t people filter the good and the evil with great extend?

Common people need to come out from their corrupt souls and start seeing things with open eyes, be mature enough to appreciate what is right and discard the wrongs.

Politics and Politicians

  • Recently we have seen so many politicians being caught watching porn clips / photos inside the parliament but how many of them were found guilty. The government instead of punishing the culprits changed the seats of media personnel so that they in future can not capture such incidents. Is it the right approach towards the issue resolution? On one saying of a social worker entire parliament gets together to curse him but no one sees such hopeless acts. Why politicians are so concerned about banning their cartoon sketches, why can’t they try to ban tobacco instead which is more harmful? When can we expect them to work on the real issues? 
  • Another latest issue on the premier sports tournament, IPL (Indian Premier League). After having bunch of controversies, everyone who is not directly or indirectly related to the event is talking about it’s shut down. Why? Because you are jealous of its success? Can’t you see the tournament is so popular and is one of the biggest in the entire world, can you see how many domestic players are getting a chance to play on a bigger platform with global stars? Can’t you see how many people are earning out of it? Just because there have been a few controversies, just because you think it is being fixed, you are demanding to close it. Why can we identify the loopholes and work towards the correction, why can’t we have better rules to prevent the misuse? 
  • There are so many TV shows, which claim to pay thousands bucks only if you recognize the scrambled celebrity faces showing on screen, what you need to do is just call a number. That call costs you 10-15 rupees per minute. It does sound so reasonable if you give the right answer (which is not at all tough even a blind person can answer correctly) and earn thousands just like that. But the call never gets connected and they keep on showing fake audience giving wrong answers on TV. Isn’t that a fraud? Why can not anybody try to ban such shows? Additionally, what about the spam emails, messages and phone calls declaring you the winner of million dollars overnight just like that and asking personal details? Is anybody there really looking into it very seriously? 

What more can we ask only if our politicians or respective responsible people work on real issues rather than the futile ones.

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  1. Prashant says:

    The worth of a news is not by the lives it shapes but the foundations it shakes. Yes, every body wants their share of fame. Let it be on the expense of anybody! They would show us what we want to see – thats the bitter truth. It’s all about marketing – people, emotions, relations and lives.

    1. Neeraj Kumar says:

      Yeah the ugly truth!

  2. soumyav says:

    The bitter truth, as people and the world is running fast for money,fame,glamour and anything that can bring publicity. Basic thing is people have lost confidence in thier qualities and themselves,hence all are ready to outcast and outwit others in terms of anything. In this world of confusion,however rich,famous,wellknown a personality becomes he is going to be happy and contented with what he did by listening to his conscience and not by how much successful he became…and this applies for everyone including,politicians,media,public

  3. Asifa Zunaidha says:

    A brilliant write-up… We as citizens should share such thoughts often as thoughts transform into words and actions 🙂 You might like to read a similar perspective http://asifazunaidha.wordpress.com/2012/04/20/thoughts-on-democracy-2/

    1. Neeraj Kumar says:

      Thank you! I’ll surely check it out in due course.

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