Lost to find the Lost

Photo Credit: colourbox.com


He stands at a food shop at its counter,

Waiting to receive his order,

Totally lost he is, lost in her memories,

She is still in his mind and so he seems eerie,


He does not care who comes who goes around,

He is focused on the questions for the answers un-found,


It’s been so long since he has not seen her,

Every moment he dies to know why she doesn’t care,

And so he cries to hear her voice,

Now standing at the counter,


There happens a sudden coincidence,

She comes at the shop adjacent,

As she gets her eyes on him,

She comes closer carrying the whim,


Though she isn’t good in recognizing faces,

But as she sees him, her heart races,

Her lips spread producing the widest smile,

He doesn’t even notice who once been so fragile,


If he was in senses he could’ve not ignored her smiling face,

He is lost in her memories, lost inside the endless maze,

She is talking to him and he doesn’t listen anything,

Unintentionally he is ignoring her, who is his everything,

And so she stands confused there,

In front of him at the counter,


Now sitting at the table eating meal,

Struggling to swallow each bite with a great deal,

He isn’t aware that the one who is in his brain,

Is in front of him staring in strain,


As she sits confused having tears in her eyes,

He takes out her photo, kisses and cries,


Tears dip on table producing the splash,

The softest hearts going land crash,

He gets up started moving away from her,

She continues staring as he is still there.


One is lost in finding the lost one,

Another is lost by finding the one lost,

Is anybody there, help them to be closer?

They are the souls meant to be together.



7 thoughts on “Lost to find the Lost

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  1. always ask what the other person likes before ordering a meal – because soul mates are not supposed to compulsorily exist in the same quadrant !! Well written bro !

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