Road to Success

Who does not want to be successful? Obviously everyone! But how, is the question always unanswered. This is a thing which can not be learned, taught, read, downloaded or inherited. The road to success is very easy once crossed and so difficult if you stand on the other side. I am not successful and also a part of the crowd with so many dreams in my eyes but I have my own philosophy to get in there where I want to be, to be successful. Maybe it won’t give me the result I am looking for but it is worth trying, who knows if it does?

So here it is –

Know yourself:

The first step should be to discover yourself. It is said that discovering oneself is the last thing anyone learns. Even successful people used to take entire lifetime and most of them do not even get to know themselves even after that. But the sooner you start exploring yourself the faster you learn. We used to spend so much time understanding the people around us but tend to forget that we still do not know ourselves enough. So start giving yourself a little more time. Think about yourself, what do you like, what else you dislike, your strengths, weaknesses, your learning pattern, what you love to do, your talents etc. Doing what you love to do is the first step towards the success.

Dream Big:

Dream and that too really Big! Set a very big and distant target for yourself. It is said “Shoot for the moon, Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars” but for you it should only be “Shoot for the moon” because the less you get distracted the greater your chances to reach the right destination.

Set the milestones:

Once you have decided the moon you want to land on, start choosing the landmarks. It is very important to have a path and small small destinations towards the dream. Initially you’ll have a blur path but don’t worry, the road to success is just like Google map, the more you look closer the better clarity you get. Its okay to take first few steps being blind folded but as you’ll progress, the road will start turning cleaner.

Be Consistent:

Always be consistent with what you do, as you have already started the journey, do not let anything obstruct your way. The pace may vary but there should never be any stoppage. You should always be walking towards the target. Remember “The hare and tortoise story”? Keep walking, keep exploring!

Be stubborn:

Never let anything or anyone hinder your way. Be stubborn enough to remind yourself to be consistently progressive towards the target. Do not let yourself be casual or weak enough to be distracted. You are the biggest obstacle in your own way. Keep yourself on your toes.

Be disciplined:

Discipline is the thing which is very important in our lives. If you are not disciplined you’ll tend to break your own rules. Make strict rules for yourself and follow them without exception. Make a habit of following the rules so that your instincts do not allow you to break any of these. Being true to yourself is being disciplined.

Positive approach:

Remember nothing changes over nights! Never let the negativity hover upon you. Even if you do not see the result coming in, keep walking with positive approach. It is also very important to know if you are walking the right path or not, if you are attentive enough with the details and analyzing every step towards each landmark you are obviously going in the right direction. Keep the positivity alive. Negativity is a distraction.

Stay focused:

Generally, it happens that we start with something and in the middle of the way we fall for something else. It is okay to start dreaming a different dream but be sure that it is something which you really really want else you’ll reach nowhere. Every new dream will drag you from where you started. Remember the grass is always greener on the other side. Do not let yourself distracted from the biggest dream.

Keep on learning:

There are always millions of opportunities to learn from. Rain, Water, Pain, Joy, Loneliness, Mouse, Spider, Kids, you can learn from anything. Keep yourself open for everything. The best learning comes from your own mistakes. Never say no to learning. The more you learn the wiser you become.

Be real, be raw:

Having role models is not bad at all but following them blindly is obviously not the right thing. Do not let yourself to be a copy of anybody else. Avoid being a zerox, avoid being fake. Be yourself, Be real, Be raw.

Feet on Ground:

Keep yourself grounded if you start getting the success. Never forget your reality, the pain, the struggle you have been through. Raise your height to touch the farthest cloud instead of flying. Humbleness attracts acceptance, acceptance attracts popularity.

But still, there is no specific pattern. Anyone can make their own pattern, rules and ways. There is always so much room for several other points to chip in to make it more accurate. The more you explore the more options you will find. Certain things do not work for certain people so identify what works best for you and add in the list to make it better.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. veehcirra says:

    This is so beautifully written Neeraj. I love it!! Be yourself! And as you have so clearly said, this starts when we know ourselves…conquering ourselves is the best gift we can give ourselves…it enables us to be in the best position to do things that bring good stuff in our lives 😀

    Just seen that you are a stubborn Scorpio lol am a half-cast both Scorpio and Libra

    1. Neeraj Kumar says:

      Thank you for your approval Veeh! I just went through learning Scorpio-Libra personality trait… they are such a characters .. Glad you shared that! 🙂

  2. soumyav says:

    Lovely post neeraj! People dream of success and in between the journey fail to sustain .All the things you have mentioned are therefore necessarily needed to achieve success. The approach towards life, our continous learning, our apprehensions, our determination all play a very important role in it.. . I would just like to add
    passion along with perfection ,
    faith with a drop of conviction,
    sincerity with compassion,
    aiming the highest with determination,
    shall pave the way to success without any obstruction…

    1. Neeraj Kumar says:

      Glad you liked! Thank you for your points!

  3. Prashant says:

    A very well documented post Neeraj.
    One thing I would like to add here is the need to appreciate yourself. You must and would have to do it a lot because we go into more of this self critique mode that we stop thinking about a pat on our back !

    1. Neeraj Kumar says:

      Thank you Prashant and you are absolutely correct.

  4. RAMU DAS says:

    wow! that’s a well written stuff and I fully agree with all the points but the best point according to me is the one in which u have mentioned “keep on learning” because as long as one lives one keeps on learning, the moment one stops learning, one is dead!

    1. Neeraj Kumar says:

      Well said Ramu! We can never be through with learning like no one can be best ever. Thank you for stopping by!

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