Is bad time really that bad?

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Going through the bad phase I always get stuck with this thought and get to a conclusion that it’s actually not that bad but people around you make it even worst. From last five months I have been struggling to get a job and even till today I don’t have a single offer in my hand to choose. It doesn’t mean that I am not worth of it but the timing has been slightly wrong. I left my last job in mid December 2011 which was followed by Christmas and New Year, entire January was dead cold with less than handful opportunities, among them I found many not suitable to my requirement, then there was Valentine week followed by financial year end. Closing of appraisal cycle put a stop on hiring which finally ended with the last week of April 2012. Being a science graduate (Maths) with experience in Finance & Accounts and having the team handling experience with not a designation on paper are few more obstacles. Now finally when positions are resumed and companies have started hiring, it becomes very hard to convenience as to why I am not working from 5 months? Come on, aren’t you aware as to why were you not hiring since then?

The reason behind leaving my past company was not so uncommon but I was not fired. I worked with the company for more than 5 years. “You’re an asset for the organization” used to be the Management’s Pet Phrase on every appraisal however their reward and recognition programs never displayed it. Except a couple of promotions, there was nothing to cheer about. And each year after the appraisals are disclosed I used to have my manager sitting in a meeting with me keeping his head down and mourning on his own mistakes saying “I know we made a mistake.” Sometimes it’s because of the ratings and sometimes the promotion. How the hell same mistake can be repeated so religiously again and again with same person.

When everything started going over the head, I finally decided to leave the organization and mind you the decision didn’t come over nights. I invested complete 6 months on its brainstorming. I could not start looking for a job before leaving the organization since the three months’ mandatory notice period (without buyout option) was being the chain of neck and any other organization was not ready to wait for such a long time. So I was left with only option to opt. I also talked to the management team but they were as incapable as always. They even didn’t have the retention policy in place to retain an Asset.

And this was when it all began.

People used to show their concerns during the first month of unemployment. Many people used to call, drop messages or facebook me to know the situation and the progress so far. But gradually as the time was extending they started getting tired of being concerned and started taking off from me. It exceeded the limit when so called friends started going offline only if I appear online, avoiding my calls and ignoring messages. This is only when I got the real example of the saying “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” I am not the one who asks anyone for any help; I know who deserves to be asked for assistance and who is not. They maybe started running their brainless minds thinking that I may ask for help. But I was rather looking for suggestion, togetherness or more importantly emotional support. Stupid me! How could I except such big things from so narrow minded people. I also sent my CV to few known people sitting on decent positions (from Manager to Senior VP) in so many companies but they didn’t even bother to at least conduct an interview. They probably didn’t need a talented guy.

This time is passed, dropping fake friends, fighting with stars, going through rainy days keeping hopes alive and most importantly without regretting anything.

Why I should regret on my decision? It was well thought out after all. Instead it has also been fruitful the other way round, I got to know who the real friend is (I really have filtered my friend list), gained the humor, developed the fighter instincts, indentified my hidden talents, Identify the aim for my life and the ways to reach there.

So is the bad time really that bad? The more people around you make it worst the more you get opportunities to learn and gain accordingly as it is said “No pain, No Gain!!” Isn’t it?

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  1. I usually tell myself at situations like these – may be it could have been worse!
    Your writing is about being supportive to yourself so that you can make others comfortable…wonderful bro !

    1. Neeraj Kumar says:

      Thank you Prashant for liking it!

  2. soumyav says:

    Nice one neeraj! true thought flowing! I agree a crowd of friends never mean you have lot of friends..but instead gives you perspective of what and how life is! We can find the gems only after going thru series of collection of stones…Sometimes ..just coming out of the rat race and stopping for a while …and a whole new experiencewhich makes us ready, to get challenged by a new and upcoming better responsibility. 🙂

    1. Neeraj Kumar says:

      I totally agree with you!

  3. ~R.L.King says:

    Oh my this ripped my heart out, where I am there is work, so much they can’t fill all the jobs in all the sectors, it’s why we live here. I stopped by to say thank you for reading, and now after rreading just your one post, know that, yes, discovering who your ‘true’ friends are is painful, but I know, most of us, if we are blessed, may be able to count them on one hand, mos people only have one or two that last a lifetime, in a crowd of aquaintances. Hugs and hope all works out for the best. I’ll be back to read where this is going.

    1. Neeraj Kumar says:

      Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

  4. Unemployment is tough, I know from experience, but they say when a door closes another opens. Hang in there friend, things will get better.

    1. Neeraj Kumar says:

      Yeah.. Giving up is never an option. 🙂

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