First Last Thing

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Recently I read an article “The Zen of First Times” written by Veeh. While going through every word of it I literally went through the feelings and emotions of my firsts. In every ones lives their firsts are always very important and their memories always stuck around. We always be glad to remember the time when we did something for the first time. It forced me to think about the first times where we were so glad to do something that we have declared it the last one simply because we didn’t want to move on and doing that thing for the second, third and so on number of times. Yes, I’m talking about the first thing being the last one. Which all are the things where you are so attached that you have declared it the ‘first and the last’? One and the only? I can not think of anything else but falling in love for the first time. My latest first is falling in love with a girl and I have decided that I won’t ever fall in love again because I can never love anybody else the way I love her because no one else can be just like her. So here is my first ‘first-last thing’, I have promised to myself that my first love will always remain the last till the eternity. So what is yours ‘first-last thing’?


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  1. I can very well understand the emotion, but I have learned that most things do force a repeat on me. I fell in love more than once.
    But my first-last thing I will keep is getting married, though I am sadly divorced.
    One first-last thing that I did not want however, was to have a child. One child, when I would have loved to have more.

    And every time I fall in love I want that to be the last one.

    Lovely post. 🙂

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