Love in Office – The dream

I see an office like environment but in front of my real life home where I used to play cricket in childhood. 5-6 people are sitting near the highway. The workstations are made of wooden plates put on bricks. Computers are placed on the wooden surface and I was working on my laptop. Emma was also there working on her desk. She calls me to ask something as she used to do in real life. I go and sit adjacent to her. I don’t know what she asked. In a moment she starts rolling her hand over my face and I start kissing her palm. After a few seconds she puts her hand down on keyboard knowing that people started noticing us. Then I put my right hand on her left thigh and start soothing her under the desk making sure people can’t see, right then I notice some people starts taking off the wooden plates off the bricks displacing my seat. I go back asking them not to do so but when they don’t agree I thought of getting my laptop and sitting adjacent to Emma and right when I was going with my laptop to do as thought the dreams gets over. After I opened my eyes I thought that I should have not bothered about people displacing my desk and continued having the lovely encounter with her, after all it was a dream, after a couple of minutes I slept back. Rest of the night passed dreamless.


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