Poisonous Medicine

Photo Credit: img.portwallpaper.com

You have no idea,

What you are,

You are the disease,

You are the cure,

 You are the reason,

I die,

You are the reason,

I survive,

Every single dose of yours,

I need every time,

You are a pleasant death,

You are the poisonous medicine,

I can’t live without you,

I die when I have you,

To keep my heart pumping,

I need you running,

Inside my blood,

Punching my heart soothingly,

Torturing my soul lovingly,

I need you in the morning,

I need you in the evening,

My afternoons and the nights,

Are horrible without your sight,

I’ll die in a moment,

If you are away for a second,

Don’t leave me ever,

I desperately need you forever,

Without you I won’t see the moon,

The sun won’t shine,

I always need you around,

Even if you’re not mine,

I am addicted to the enjoyable pain,

And the painful obsession,

You are a pleasant death,

You are the poisonous medicine.


5 thoughts on “Poisonous Medicine

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  1. it is said that love is a drug – the questions is what kind – the good kind or the bad. the kind that requires a careful dosage or the kind that one takes when they get a splitting headache.

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