Truth about blogging…. the ugly one!

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People visiting your blog, commenting or liking it aren’t necessarily concerned about your creativity, sometimes they don’t even read or see it, they actually want to encash your audience and wants people going through your blog be their audience. I know this is going to raise the eyebrows of some people but that is supposed to be the ugly truth. However there is nothing to worry about… you still have got a large audience who really looks forward to read/see your work and admire it. So keep blogging, after all nothing falls easily…


10 thoughts on “Truth about blogging…. the ugly one!

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  1. This, my friend, may be true but I say to those folks, you may be missing out on learning something new, being inspired to do something new, a good laugh or reading/seeing something that could change your life! Either way you’re just missing out.

    Well my part is done. .. I shared and feel wonderful doing it even if it is not “truly” noticed or reciprocated.

    1. I agree with you.. we all are here to learn and make our lives better.. one thing more important than getting audience is learning and people doing all this nonsense are only cheating with themselves.

  2. Truth is indeed bitter 😉 but as you said, some people really appreciate for the worth of your perspectives

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