Picture Credit: http://www.GdeFon.ru

Walking through the rainy days,

Keeping up his courage,

Soaked in misfortunate water,

Rubbing on the anger mud,

Holding sand,

Seeking friends,

Keeping on the burning flame,

Seeing pals turning fake,

Every relation on a stake,

Shouting on,

Bursting out,

He won’t give up,

He won’t give out,

Perhaps growing rivals,

But necessary for the survival,

Keeping fingers up,

Pointing out the middle ones,

Right to their faces,

He sees them naked,

Under the misfortunate water,

Fortunate to be misfortunate,

For witnessing the unwitnessed,

Wants to rain it all,

No ways he’s gonna fall,

Choosing the rights,

Dropping the wrongs,

Progressively creeps,

Aggressively learns,

Yearns to make it right,

Till the end he’ll fight.

Picture Credit: http://www.pixmule.com

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