One and Only

He knows,

He’ll never have the right to claim you,

Neither a picture to frame,

But his love will always remain the same,

He won’t let it change ever,

 He knows,

He’ll never get a chance to cross that one inch,

Will have to live with a pinch,

That he didn’t meet you first,

But he’ll always cherish forever,

 That you met,

And you walked,

That he had your face in his hands,

He cried and he laughed with you,


You’ll forget him one day,

That you walked together the same way,

That someone loved you so a lot once,

And that he still has not crossed that one inch,


You’ll never look into his eyes,

Will never understand his cries,

Even when he told you everything,

Your heart never had space for him,

 He knows,

That you are not at fault,

You were only trying to justify your past,

You were with the love of your life,

And you were supposed to love him,

 He’ll always keep,

The softness of your face alive,

The fragrance of yours around,

He’ll always be glad to know,

 That you are the one and the only,

The love of his life,

And he is supposed to love you,

 He won’t let your memories die,

Will meet you in his dreams every night,

He’ll never forget that time,

When he held your hands with the right,

 Maybe you know one day,

That he is the one who loves you the most,

That even when his hair has turned gray,

He is still waiting,

To win the heart of the love of his life,

That you are the one and the only.

One and Only | Photo Credit:
One and Only | Photo Credit:


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  1. Very nice ! touching!

  2. Wonderful work! This poem is lovely!

  3. Thank you so much for liking it !

  4. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for writing this and sharing with me.

  5. Awww, this is just lovely Neeraj…I love these lines”He is still waiting, To win the heart of the love of his life” Reminds me of one of my favourite country songs..

  6. Wow!! .. it’s an honor to know that my lines reminded you this beautiful song .. thanks for sharing it too… My all time favourite movie is PS I love you .. and here is a secret I’m sharing .. I am working on its second version .. 😀

  7. I’m in love with your poems! Seriously! This one is very easily my top favourite! When I read each stanza, I think “Wow, this is my fav.” But then I read the next and like it even better! Awesome work! LOVED it, absolutely, completely! I don’t think I’ll stop. Another thing I noticed is that I’d have written the same thoughts if I were to write a poem on this situation!

  8. I am just loving this one and how you related it to “ONE-INCH”, amazingly fabulous!!
    Keep up the good job!

    PS– That post to awaken your readers have worked – I can see people responding much now a days. LOL.

  9. Reblogged this on Everything about love is here and commented:
    Perfect 🙂

  10. Nice, sad, nice , sad… great

  11. I adore this Neeraj – stunning:)

  12. Loved this 🙂
    That last picture especially made me smile 🙂

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