Beast and I

Opps, it was another encounter,

One of the freezing evenings,

Of that shivering winter,

I was inside my room,

Drinking with a friend,

Didn’t know what was happening outside,

I was totally unaware,


I had to go outside,

To get some cigarettes,

India was battling against South Africa in 2nd ODI of cricket,

Idiot box was on,

He was filling the appraisal form,

I stepped out of the room,

Ran back inside within a minute,


It was right in front of my eyes at the staircase,

It stared at me,

With those red eyes, that ugly face,

I was scared that it could bite me,

I ran ‘coz I didn’t want it to reach me in any case,

I never thought that it could be more scared than I was,

I had to make something out so I, for a cause,

Picked up an empty bottle and threw forcefully,

It got vanished, so did my fear like it never was.

Copyright (c) Neeraj Kumar, 2011

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