Together Forever

Together Forever | Photo Credit:
Together Forever | Photo Credit:


It’s just the time driving us crazy,

This is only why things are messy,

Soon it will change,

Will fall back the happy days,

Until then,

Understand a little more,

Cooperate little further,

Soon we’ll be back together,

Because that is what we are meant to be –

Together forever,


 I know I’m not being good,

I know you’re upset,

But please hold the grip,

Don’t let me slip,

I know, you do not like it,

Neither do I,

I’m sorry for being the pain,

Let it rain,

Let it rain thoroughly,

Soon, we’ll be back together,

Because that is what we are meant to be –

Together forever,


I need you more than the breath,

We need to show a little more courage,

Help me fight against this bad weather,

Trust me, it won’t matter,

Once it is over,

This is something I’ve never seen,

Believe me I’m not being mean,

I’m only keeping you away,

To let you be safe,

How can I get you into the trouble?

When the time is so unstable,

Believe me once it is passed,

I won’t let it come again,

Sky will soon turn clear,

And we’ll fall back again together,

‘Coz that is what we are meant to be,

Together forever. 



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  1. Beautifully expressed the compulsions of a loving heart

  2. Thank you for visiting my post. I appreciate people who balance their emotions and attitude, and who articulate their thoughts beautifully in poetry. Keep writing, I shall be following soon!

  3. Wonderful words Neeraj, thank you for sharing this in your blog and thank you also for dropping by my blog. Have a wonderful day. Clarabelle

  4. Thank you for dropping by my blogging and liking my ‘Whispering Words’ poem, wishing you a beautiful day. Clarabelle

  5. Hi, thanks for passing by 🙂

  6. Seems like my guitar can give a rhythm to this lovely song!! Great one Neeraj!

  7. Lovely poem Neeraj.

  8. Your gift is a real treasure, a real delight to read and so uplifiting…you are blessed. so keep sharing it with the world! It needs more of the love that comes from your heart as many of the sisters above know. May you all be blessed!

  9. Thank you for visiting catnipoflife! Without that visit, I may not have found you. Beautiful thoughts in what’s meant to me – Together Forever!

  10. Thank you for Liking my recent post. I am now following you and hope you will join me at catnip.:>)

  11. Great work. Thank you for reblogging 🙂 I always look forward to you your posts, my friend. Have a creative week. xx

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