Thousand Times

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Thousand times I looked into these eyes
I’ve seen pouring emotions
And dazzling feelings
Why couldn’t I see the lies?
Thousand times I listened to this heartbeat
I’ve heard the mounting affection
And comforting relation
Why couldn’t I hear the cries?

If you weren’t looking forward
Why didn’t you prevent
If you weren’t being happy
Why didn’t you offend?
How disgust does it feel now?
You can not understand
Better would have been the early end!

Thousand times it seemed so true
Always there was someone everywhere
Everywhere was only you
How will I forgive myself?
How will I forget you?
So tough it’ll be now
To trust my own instincts
Even if not for you,

How can I accept?
That I was being an obligation
Every moment you were dying
Under the burden of our relation
You should have shown faith in me
You should have told me your complications
I would have let you go away
Far away from this howling suffocation.

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32 Comments Add yours

  1. aditya. says:

    Nice poem…….awesome….i….like it…:-)

    1. Neeraj says:

      Thank you Aditya!

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