A letter to the Extra Terrestrials

Grey Alien
Grey Alien

Dear Aliens,

 This letter is on behalf of humans from the planet Earth. Please do not feel bad when we call you Alien. In our world ‘Alien’ means something or someone which is unknown and not part of our world. In a similar way, we are also Aliens for you. I am not sure if this letter will ever reach you or even if you’ll be able to understand its meaning. But just in case If you are reading this letter on planet Earth and are able to understand most of it, means that you are really superior to us. A few months back I saw a scientific study where the experts were telling that the Extra Terrestrials means ‘you’ are much more powerful than us and are in a situation where you have used all the resources of your planet to improve the technologies and now on a journey from planets to planets to continue your survival. In course of your journey you have been using all the resources of planets and destroying everything, which is quite understandable. In our planet as well, Humans, Animals, Insects, Bacteria, Plants, Reptiles and every other living being has been doing everything possible for their survival since always. You are only following the nature’s law.

 But I am requesting you not to destroy us because there are so many other things which we have other than the life only. We have smiles, tears, emotions, feelings, pain, pride, greed, lust, love, joy, laugh, anger and several other things as well, which can not be described in a letter. I don’t know if you can feel any of these but if you learn you’ll understand the meaning of life. When you’ll know as how does it feel when for the first time you get into your mother’s lap, when you hold your father’s finger to learn walking, when he teaches you to ride a bicycle, when you play and fight with your siblings, when you make new friends, when you for the first time get into a school, when your parents take your side even when you made mistakes, when they scold you for your betterment, when you see into someone’s eyes for the first time, when you fall in love, when you kiss, when your heart breaks, when you cry endlessly, when you miss someone very badly, when no one stands by you, when you feel very lonely, when you do not give up, when you get your first job, first salary, when you taste the ice cream with your loved ones, when you win a cricket match, when you cry after losing it badly, when you curse yourself for not living up to your expectation, when you learn from your life, when you feel sad after breaking someone’s heart, when you feel so bad just because you can not help someone, when you shout in joy on a sixer, when you mourn on your team’s defeat, when you dance in joy, when you listen to music, when you touch someone but can not get, when you miss by inches at the time of your first kiss, when you love someone so badly knowing that you won’t get her, when your heart cries, when it seems that any second you’ll die, when you find your lost love and when … you … run out of words, then maybe you’ll understand the importance of life.

 I want you to be the part of our world, experience everything we do, live like us, and feel like us, you’ll surely enjoy your existence. We have so many sports, movies, drinks, foods, desserts, ice creams, cakes, snacks, dances, songs, books, adventures, music, talks, stories, jokes to share with you. If you need resources, we’ll try to find out the midway so that we all can live. If you destroy us all, it won’t only take our lives but everything we have. There will be so many kids who would have just born and have not seen the world, there would be their mothers, dying even if they could hold their babies for the first time, there would be so many people dying without telling someone that they really really love, there would be so many students dying even before getting the graduation certificates, everything will be destroyed without getting finished or rather getting started. But still if you do not change your mind, please give us all a timeline before killing us, so that we can complete our pending tasks, can correct our mistakes, and can tell someone that we really love. We also do not want to die in between of our journeys just like you.

Please consider this letter as a plea from every living being on Earth before destroying our home.

May you live long!


A human from Earth

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