One Inch

Holding her face in his hands,

He rubs her cheeks softly with his thumbs,

No word is being spoken,

Only the heart gets the Goosebumps,

He looks at her lips,

He doesn’t want to let slip the moment,

Eyes being filled with tears,

And the throat gets the lumps,

He examines carefully,

Every pixel of her face,

As he is trying to understand,

The mystery of this maze,

He doesn’t really know how to proceed,

What if he doesn’t succeed?

He tries to look out if there is any rule,

He is being such a fool,

He tries to find the sign of permission,

In her changing expressions,

Surely he doesn’t want to leave,

Any wrong impression,

He doesn’t move a single inch,

Remains still in his position,

His throat gets dry,

In the mouthwatering occasion,

He collects all his strengths,

Proceeds towards the clinch,

He has to stop himself,

When he gets away merely by an inch,

Lips would have reached the destination,

If he had not seen the hesitation,

She pulls herself back a bit,

This small thing has the big implication,

A tear rolls out from his left eye,

It doesn’t stop even if he tries,

He releases the most precious thing out of his hands,

He tries very hard but couldn’t understand,

Did he read her wrong?

Did he not deserve it?

Did she change her mind?

Or did she even want it?


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