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He is not bloody concerned,

About showing his situation,

That he is hell fucked up,

People shown their skins,

When he badly needed,

They didn’t turn up,


This time has shown him the real faces,

Hidden behind the fake promises,

He is collecting the anger inside,

No matter how much the sun would go dim on him,

He’ll now burst out,

No matter how high the water goes,

Even if he doesn’t know swimming,

He will float out,

He is lucky enough to go through the rough patches,

Even if he crashes,

He’ll safely come out,


He’ll fuck all those ugly junks,

And those pathetic punks,

He’ll get them out from their skins,

Will make them pay for their sins,


He’ll lose his humanity,

He’ll never forget the cruelty,

That tore him apart,

Shattered his soft heart,


He’ll not remain innocent,

He’ll not do any adjustment,

With his attitude,

He’ll surely not understand,

He’ll not control his temperament,

By his gratitude,


He is suffering,

Because he trusted people blindly,

No matter what happened,

He always behaved kindly,


This is why he is being fucked,

He had always been generous,

Even if they sucked,


He is being tortured,

Because of all this,

They’ll be responsible,

For all the bullshit,

He’ll be bringing out of him,

All those sins,

Will be because of them,

Those killed him,


He has to lose his cool,

To learn some rules,

To survive in this pathetic world,

Filled with assholes,

Those used him thoroughly,

For their selfishness,

To achieve their desires,

Shit-potted his goals and the kindness.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Quite a powerful rant here. I like that you don’t hold back!

  2. ~Lady Day says:

    k…remind me to not piss you off.:)

    1. Neeraj Kumar says:

      Lol.. come on! 🙂

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