A Breed Extinct

Don’t judge my actions,

Volatile are these,

No prediction,

So much inside me,

Is always floating,

It’s random,

No pattern,

I change my course,

Before you distinguish,

It’s quick with conviction,

A breed extinct I am,

Exist only in assumptions,

Impossible is to deceive me,

I trust intuitions,

I read mind,

I gauge soul,

Seem so rigid,

Yet so humble,

What is inside you,

I always know,

I know the reason,

Why you tremble.

No matter which side you are,

No matter what your trait is,

I’ve got everything,

To make you fumble.

You’ve got to pursue,

My every sensation,

Abduct my instincts,

Make them poisoned,

If you succeed extensively,

Victory is achievable,

Yet you’ve got to be constant,

To be alert,

I’ll rise further,

If I see your soul,

You’ll be dead in a blink,

It’s definite,

No suspicion.




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  1. Once again, this is very powerful.

  2. Very powerful poem! also please check out and follow my blog at dailyadvice101.wordpress.com! Thank you very much

  3. You remind me of a Bhediya, this was fantastic thank you for sharing it with me. 🙂

  4. Brilliant, be everything you need to be when you need to be love it

  5. This holds so many interpretations ! The best phrase for me is definitely the title 🙂
    Amazing work !

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