Why picking up a call is so tough?

Why everything looks so rough?

Why can’t I understand you?

Why weirdly nothing seems true?

Although, it has already happened so enough,

Then why don’t I just give up?


Everything happened so quickly,

I couldn’t hold you perfectly,

I never knew, it could have happened,

I can’t believe if it’s the end,

You slipped away from my hands so strangely,

Was I treating you too softly?


I promise I won’t ask any questions,

I’m being true,

I understand the situation,

I swear that I for sure,

I won’t hurt you anymore,

I’ve always loved you without a reason and I won’t ask any explanation,


Believe me,

It is too hard,

To be apart,

Living with so many cracks inside my heart,

It has started breaking into multiple pieces,

Come back soon before the number increases,

Even if you can’t come,

Tell me sweetheart,

I’ll assume I never had this part.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. silverlining09 says:

    you could be a song writer… very beautiful!

    1. Neeraj Kumar says:

      Thanks .. in fact I’m aiming for that only.

  2. thesubterraneanworld says:

    This touched my heart .
    God Bless.

    1. Neeraj Kumar says:

      🙂 A humble thank you!

  3. is exactly what i feel right now 🙂

    1. Neeraj says:

      Aww .. that’s bad 😦

  4. words4jp says:

    yes, i feel this one too.

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