Only you!

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Nothing but you,

I dream all the time,

Throughout the day,

Throughout the night,

Be my companion,

I want to fly,

Fly towards the highest height,


Nothing is there I imagine without you,

You’re my soul,

I breathe for you,

I won’t exist if you aren’t there,

I desire nothing,

Nothing but you,


Nothing but you,

I feel all the time,

Every hour, every moment,

Drop your hair on me,

I want to play,

Let me untie them,

Let me console you,


Everything in me is only for you,

Hug me tight I don’t want to lose you,

Fight with me,

I want to cry,

Let me sleep in your arms, to dream,

Nothing but you!

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  1. Ayasonice says:

    Very beautiful and touching as always!

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