The Lab Rat

She asks same question over and over: “do you love me?” like interrogation, as if trying to find a pattern, an anomaly in my response. Every time she does this, her pupils grow bigger covering most of the iris of her eyes, her expressions tense and her grip tight on my arm. Then when I… Continue reading The Lab Rat


I watch her. Sitting on a bench. Slowly finger-coiling a strand of her hair. Slant-eyes looking way too deep in the sky, as if locating an exoplanet undiscovered yet. A stack of ash tilting from the edge of her cigarette. She doesn’t smoke but likes to light So, she can watch it choke and die… Continue reading Intricacies

Galactic Chaos

I’m not in sync with the frequencies of my mind. I cannot follow where I’m going. The universe seems to have lost its patience with me. As if tetchy, it’s been berserk flashing its messages in my ears. I’ve gone color-blind with all the sounds. I cannot taste the shades of any synchronicity. I’ve lost… Continue reading Galactic Chaos

The Idea Of You – IV

The idea to loop you in my head like Pythagoras’ theorem I never forget. Sting you with constant sarcasm because that’s what you get. Invite you to sleep-over and roll you in the sheets so you cannot move. Push you to the edge, make you topple from bed because I’m really mad. Watch you scream… Continue reading The Idea Of You – IV